developmentRedstone Consulting Group, LLC (RCG, LLC), is a wholly owned subsidiary (CUSO – Credit Union Service Organization) of Redstone Federal Credit Union, based in Huntsville Alabama. RCG, LLC was founded in May 2012 with the specific idea of taking Redstone developed, commercially viable technology products and / or solutions to market.


With more than $3 billion in assets, Redstone Federal Credit Union is the largest member-owned financial institution in Alabama, and one of the twenty-five largest federal credit unions in the nation by assets.


Based in Huntsville, Alabama, Redstone Federal Credit Union serves more than 345,000 members, and we continue to grow every day!
As we grow, we must stay on the cutting edge of banking technology to continue to provide our members with the outstanding service that they expect and deserve.
Redstone Federal Credit Union’s software development team has created innovative workflows and programs that are already streamlining many banking processes, and saving the Credit Union time and money. The team has also developed DNA Applications available Click here.

Redstone Consulting Group, LLC – Our Story

Redstone Consulting Group, LLC grew out of two fundamental ideals. One, which as a large credit union, Redstone has an obligation to help both the community and the industry in which it operates to thrive and be successful. The second ideal is that in order to be compelling and relevant, we must innovate. Redstone was one of the first customers of Open Solutions Inc. to adopt the DNA Creator suite of tools to develop custom solutions and workflows within the scope of the core processing system. As we developed these initial solutions, we started to realize efficiencies and enhancements which spurred further interest in leveraging our internal skill sets. We expanded the focus of our programmers and developers and have continued to push the boundaries of this toolset. But, more than that, we recognized that when we solved for Redstone we also solved for others in the industry and adopted the idea “Solve for Redstone, Solve for Many” ™ . It was at this point we decided to launch Redstone Consulting Group as a way to allow Redstone Federal Credit Union to assist the industry. We offer a full range of professional service consulting around technology products, offerings and best practices where we feel we have subject matter expertise. It is important to note that Redstone Consulting Group installs all of its offerings at Redstone first. Lastly, we believe one of our best assets is our ability to leverage various partnerships that we have in the industry.