Account Role Manager  

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This DNAapp is a multiple screen application developed to simplify and streamline the operation of updating a person’s or organization’s roles for a list of deposit accounts (e.g. checking, savings, money market, etc).

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 Account Role Manager

ACH Posting Totals Inquiry

This DNAapp displays ACH related data for credit counts, total credits, debit counts and total debits by post date so that manual calculations for ACH postings are eliminated.

Address Change Audit

This DNAapp is a SQR that provides a list of all address changes made by branches or business units during a specified time period.

Address Change Inquiry

This application allows users to verify if the mailing address of a person or organization was changed in the system within a certain time period.

Address Correction Utility

This DNAapp will provide the ability to charge the primary savings account with an address locator fee, setup a warning flag and hold all mail for clients with bad addresses. The screen output allows the institution to compare addresses on file and then update and select the correct address to fix the address problem.

Adjustable Loan  w/o Next Rate Change Date

This application generates a report that lists all adjustable loan accounts not having a next interest rate change date present by account major and minor.

Backup Withholding Tool

The Backup Withholding Tool is a single screen DNACreator application developed to create, modify, and inactivate backup withholdings on a member’s dividend earning accounts due to IRS notifications. It also allows a user to create new or modify existing notes for a specific person. This tool combines the Person Fields, Person Notes, and Withholding screens that spread across different modules or menus.

Branch Cash Summary

The Branch Cash Summary app allows the financial institution to quickly identify branches that have exceeded their approved cash limit.

Debit Card Rewards

The Debit Card Rewards DNAapp is designed to provide members/customers with cash back each month based on the number of POS withdrawals performed on specific checking account minors. Each month, upon meeting a required minimum number of POS withdrawals customers/members begin earning a specific amount for each subsequent POS withdrawal. The total amount is then credited to the customer/member’s checking account in the early part of the next month.

Deposit Account Activity Profile

The Deposit Account Profile application provides for transactional activities of deposit accounts and presents the results in both table and graphical representations. It allows a user, such as a financial service representative, to quickly review the number of occurrences and dollar amounts of a variety of transactions including check deposits and withdrawals, electronic deposits and withdrawals, incoming and outgoing wire transfers, insufficient funds, uncollected funds, and charge backs for any given time period.

Employee Role Audit Report

This DNAapp provides a report with maintenance activity when an employee was added to an account in a non-employee role.  This report is conducive to supporting financial institutions audit requirements.

Enhanced Search

This DNAapp gives core users the ability to perform additional search queries. It enhances traditional core screen usability by offering multiple new search criteria all on one screen. Searches can now be performed faster and easier than ever before.

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Impaired Loan Report

The DNAapp displays information about loans and credit cards that are impaired for audit purposes.  This report uses data input from the Loan Restructure Tracking Application.

Line of Credit Reward

The Line of Credit Reward application is designed to provide member/customers with an automatic line of credit.

Loan Chargeoff and Recovery Extract

The ChargeOff Loans and Recovery application retrieves information about loans that were charged off within a specific time period and creates a comma-delimited file.  This application also creates another comma-delimited file that includes recovery information on charged off loans within a specific time period.

Mail Restriction Maintenance

This DNAapp allows users to add/remove Verify Address – Returned Mail warning flag on the person and add/remove mail holds on the person’s TRO accounts for Persons. The application also allows users to add/remove Verify Address – Returned Mail warning flag and add/remove mail holds on the organization’s TRO accounts for Organizations.

Monthly Income/Credit Score Package

This package includes the Estimated Monthly Income processing and the Income and Credit Score Inquiry Application. The Estimated Monthly Income Processing SQR Extension calculates estimated monthly income using the ACHFileRecordWarehouse table and RTXN table. The Income and Credit Score Inquiry Application allows users to view a person’s estimated monthly income and credit score information by looking at accounts at a particular financial institution making the estimated monthly income an approximation.

Mortgage Maintenance Tool

The Mortgage Maintenance Tool is a multi screen application to provide a one-stop hub for existing mortgage account maintenance. The application provides the following functionality through separate screens: Account Search, Escrow Summary, Escrow Transaction History and PMI Termination.

The Escrow Summary screen combines information from ten different screens while also allowing for payments to be updated and approved and restrictions and notes to be created or updated. The PMI Termination screen allows representatives to quickly provide LTV information as well as the projected dates that PMI may be cancelled. New appraisals may also be added within this screen allowing for immediate LTV calculation and the writing of the new appraisal information into DNA. Escrow History simplifies the Balance History screen to provide escrow specific information. Especially beneficial is check information that is included on screen saving the representative several steps required to locate this information.

  Mortgage Servicing Tool

Negative Unapplied Loan Balance Report

This application generates a report that lists all loan accounts having negative unapplied balances by major and minor.

New Customer Data File

This DNAapp produces a CSV data file of all new people who joined a financial institution during a configurable time interval. Those not consenting to receive information from your financial institution are not included in the output file.

Null Interest Rate Report

This DNAapp generates a report that lists all adjustable loan accounts having zero or null interest rates.

Open Closed Report

This DNAapp generates a report of numbers of deposit and loan accounts that are opened or closed for a specific time period listed by branch names.

Overdraft Privilege Maintenance

This DNAapp is a single screen DNA Application that is designed to provide all ODP related information and maintenance options for a given account. The Application is available under both Deposit Account Maintenance and Relationship Profile menus and provides not just a centralized location for a financial supervisor to manage ODP options but also an ideal tool for frontline personnel to quickly browse an account‟s ODP information.

Overdraft Research Tool

This DNAapp is a great way to streamline your customer service and research processes that involve overdraft research. By doing so you can provide better and faster customer service for your clients while lowering your overall cost to serve a client.

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 Overdraft Research Tool

Remote Deposit History

This DNAapp will allow users to verify that a check being deposited or cashed in person is not one that may have previously been deposited using Remote Deposit Capture. It will display a list of checks deposited by a person through Remote Deposit Capture within a specific period of time matching the cashbox number variable (that are used by your financial institution to post Remote Deposit Capture transactions). Users will also be able to view check images (front and back) that are deposited via Remote Deposit Capture using an independent third party vendor for Remote Deposit Capture processing.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Form 1149 Report

Financial Institutions often need to furnish information to the Small Business Administration (SBA) pertaining to borrowers and their loans with SBA Form 1149.  This form is needed when a loan is in default and all collection efforts have been exhausted.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Verification of Deposit

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Deposit of Verification application is designed to fulfill requests from the SSA requesting person’s deposit account information and balances over a period of time.

pdf_icon SSA Verification of Deposit

TDR Modified Loans Report

This DNAapp displays information about loans and credit cards that have been restructured. This report uses data input from the Loan Restructure Tracking Application.

pdf_icon TDR Modified Loans Report

Transaction Analyzer

The Data Analyzer creates a comma-delimited file that contains transaction data within a specific time frame that can be used for financial analysis.

Troubled Debt Restructure Tracking

This DNAapp is designed to assist in the fulfillment of troubled debt compliance regulations by providing an electronic means to track and update loan restructuring activities with the capability to automatically number and track each loan provision. The application provides for activity record generation for audit purposes and integrates with Microsoft Report Viewer to allow for preview and printing of loan restructure activities.

Verification of Deposit

This DNAapp provides a streamlined process to complete Verification of Deposit requests by allowing the user to select the number of months to use for the Average Balance and change the Thru Date for Current and Average Balances. There are options to print dividend information and active accounts only.

pdf_icon Custom Verification of Deposit

Web Links Dashboard

This DNAapp provides financial institutions a centralized location to house and group commonly used web links within DNA. All information on the page (links and categories) may be customized by each financial institution to meet their needs.